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Confidential & Discreet

Begin to make the change today and feel the benefit of our confidential counselling service. Are you searching for freedom from inner turmoil? Do you want happiness? If so we're here to assist you in finding your solutions.


Confidential Service

Church Ministry brings particular and unique stresses. These often impinge, not only on the clergy, but also on their spouses and families. The resulting burden can lead to several difficulties in coping with life.

In these circumstances what is usually needed is the availability of confidential and independent help outside of the church’s structures.

You can be assured that the counselling is completely confidential. Bishops, archdeacons or anyone else will not know who is coming for counselling.

Speaking with a Christian Counsellor that understands the journey you've taken with God, can help you navigate that journey and help make sense of some of lives dilemmas. 

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