Trauma Counselling

Confidential & Discreet

Begin to make the change today and feel the benefit of our confidential counselling service. Are you searching for freedom from inner turmoil? Do you want happiness? If so we're here to assist you in finding your solutions.

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New Specialist 

We are pleased to offer a new service in Trauma Counselling.  This service is for those who have suffered abuse, rape or sexual trauma (either directly or indirectly), childhood trauma, domestic trauma and abuse.

Our staff are trauma informed trained and this is a priority service, where each person will be assessed promptly and placed with a counsellor as quickly as possible.

This service is a donation only service enabling you to access quick longterm counselling at low cost to you.

In our counselling sessions you can explore various aspects of your life and feelings after abuse or trauma. Our counsellors are person-centred, which means they work with you to find your own ways of recovering and will support you with empathy, understanding and care, without any judgement.

If your case has been reported to the police and is entering the legal process - Pre-trial Therapy gives you a space to explore the impacts of your experiences without compromising any investigations or ongoing trials. Therapy during this time can help you through the added pressures that investigations and trials can bring, and may give you tools to use in your daily life to help you with stress, anxiety, anger, fear or frustration.

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